The only 3-axis and 2-axis toolpaths you will ever need

VoluMill is a high-performance toolpath engine from Celeritive Technologies that integrates VoluMilldirectly into your existing CAM system. It handles any geometry, is easy to use, and outperforms all other toolpath technologies.


Using VoluMill in place of traditional roughing routines will reduce your cycle times, extend the life of your cutting tools, and place considerably less stress on your machine tools, thereby reducing your costs while increasing your productivity. VoluMill provides these benefits by fully utilizing the capabilities of modern machining hardware to control the rate of material removal. It plans the toolpath based on the abilities designed into the machine tools and cutting tools, irrespective of the shape being cut. Traditional toolpath strategies, by contrast, are derived from the geometry being machined, filling the bounded area with a zigzag pattern, or offsetting the boundary geometry until it collapses on itself.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • High-performance, smart toolpath engine.
  • Powerful, efficient toolpaths for open shapes.
  • Intelligent slot milling and side milling options.
  • Fast machining of small pockets.
  • Up to 100% stepover with no uncut material.
  • High-feed repositioning with floor clearance
  • Cleanup Milling.
  • Automatic feedrate adjustment.
From adjusting your speeds and feeds for optimal return to getting new users trained Apex and VoluMill can produce a solution guaranteed for success. Apex will also utilize our VoluMill expertise and trained staff in a variety of professional consulting roles.

Apex offers the following VoluMill Products:

Introducing VoluMill NEXION

VoluMill NEXION is the next generation, platform independent, ultra high-performance toolpath technology that provides many new easy-to-use features and new powerful capabilities that increase productivity and performance.


Platform Independent Technology

VoluMill NEXION is a standalone product that allows you to leverage the power of VoluMill regardless of your CAM system. Generating ultra high-performance toolpaths with VoluMill NEXION is fast and simple. There are minimal mouse clicks required, and very few decisions to make, yet you remain in full control. Whether you want to rough an entire part with a single toolpath, or you need to follow a precise material removal plan, VoluMill NEXION works with you to get your job done quickly and reliably.

Any Part, Any Material

VoluMill toolpaths use smooth, flowing motion, eliminating sharp directional changes and variances in tool load. The constant material removal rates enable machine tools and cutting tools to operate under ideal milling conditions throughout, regardless of a part’s shape or complexity. Rough milling performance is significantly increased in all materials, from aluminum, to titanium, to exotics.


The Active Chip Thickness Control (ACTC™) interface makes it easy to achieve even greater reductions in rough milling cycle time. VoluMill’s constant width of cut makes it possible to include the actual thickness of the chip in your feed and speed determinations. This new calculator enables you to precisely manipulate this critical element of metal-cutting dynamics, giving you greater control over your machining processes. And all VoluMill toolpaths now include the groundbreaking Non-Concentric Milling technology, designed to reduce tool load and improve chip clearance.

Fully integrated with Siemens NX CAM

VoluMill has now gained integration with the powerful Siemens NX PLM suite of products. This integration complements the advanced capabilities already found in NX CAM software, adding to it an ultra-high-performance toolpath engine. It adds toolpath options that NX CAM does not provide as standard, toolpaths specifically engineered to remove material quickly and efficiently while better preparing the part for finishing with NX CAM’s toolpaths.

VoluMill for NX looks and runs like native NX CAM modules; it is well integrated and NX CAM and CAM Express users will find it easy to adopt and use. 

Despite its ease of use, VoluMill for Siemens NX CAM and CAM Express adds an array of benefits to your NX suite including:

  1. Removes material faster, with reduced tool wear, than general-purpose roughing toolpaths.
  2. Optimally prepares the part for finishing, achieving a nearer-to-net shape in less time and with fewer cutting tools.
  3. Significantly decreases rough milling cycle times
  4. Significantly increases cutting-tool life
  5. Enables the use of smaller diameter, less expensive, more widely applicable cutting tools
  6. Minimal learning curve – tightly integrated into NX CAM, utilizing native dialogs and parameters
  7. Manipulate, verify and post process just like native NX CAM toolpaths
  8. Effective with ANY part geometry, ANY material, ANY machine tool, ANY cutting tool