Protect your investment and maximize the power of your design tools

As your company adopts PLM, you will see more and more opportunities for the software to improve your company’s performance. Keeping up to date with the latest software technology is essential to maintain your competitive edge and protect your PLM investment. Siemens PLM Software offers Maintenance, Enhancement, and Support contracts across the portfolio of PLM solutions.

Software technologies and features evolve quickly - so do your requirements.

To make sure you have the latest CAD, CAM, CAE, and PLM software versions and enable you to take advantage of special services, Siemens and ApexDMS offer maintenance contracts for all your software licenses. This service allows you to optimize use of the most recent software versions for a minimal cost. As your business requirements for PLM grow, your PLM software can grow with you.

Staying current with your maintenance subscription lowers your upgrade costs, helping you maintain a predictable software budget.

What's Included

  • ApexDMS first line of support
  • Simple upgrade path to latest software versions
  • Software bug fixes
  • Access to the ApexDMS Dream Team
  • Invitations to Apex’s exclusive industry events


  • Protect your PLM investment
  • Sharpen your company’s competitive edge
  • Resolve user issues quickly, easily, confidently
  • Manage IT costs predictably
  • Always operate with the latest PLM software version
  • Quick priority access to US-based expert support
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