Industrial Machinery & Heavy Equipment

Increasing global competition requires industrial machinery companies to continuously innovate and optimize their products.


At Apex we empower organizations to achieve their key business initiatives. We have found that many industrial machinery and heavy equipment suppliers are focused on streamlining their engineering processes to get products to market quicker. In addition to offering complete lifecycle solutions, we enable companies to better utilize the tools they already have, assist them to evaluate and implement additional tools, and ensure high user adoption.


Increasing global competition requires industrial machinery companies like yours to continuously innovate and optimize their products. The need to capture and leverage fresh value-creating ideas from your own employees, as well as from your partners, customers and suppliers, extends today‘s innovation process beyond traditional boundaries. Innovation has become a core driver of growth, performance and valuation. You need to accelerate product delivery while ensuring a fast and appropriate return on your innovation investments. These goals are compounded by the fact that today‘s new product development process is comprised of hundreds of decision points and parallel workflows that take place in a global context.


With Siemens Digital Software at its core, the unique value of Apex is our integrated system of PLM, design, manufacturing, toolpath and visualization software, along with expert training and mentoring services.

As one of the industry’s most visible partners, Apex is a leading provider of Siemens’ world-renowned Digital software solutions to Fortune 500 companies and small firms alike. In addition, Apex has developed exclusive product development bundles for the aerospace and defense industry. With the latest in design, manufacturing, tool path, and machine simulation software from Siemens, Volumill, and CGTech Vericut, your organization will have all software it needs to move throughout the product development process from conceptual design to part manufacturing and everything in between. Choose one of our complete out-of-the-box bundles, or we can analyze your current tools and processes and build a custom package that includes everything you need, and only what you need.

We will evaluate your processes and develop a custom strategy to ensure that you perform in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible to improve quality, reduce cycle time, and increase your profitability.

Apex’s Dream Team is a unique internship program in which college students will be trained and gain hands-on experience with a variety of engineering software from modeling to database management. These future leaders in aerospace engineering and manufacturing have completed projects with Boeing and the St. Louis Science Center. Contact ApexDMS to learn how The Dream Team can boost your company’s innovation.

In this economic climate, one in which companies are pushing hard to get the most for their money, our use of NX is a vital asset. It lets us deliver a design that our clients can immediately take to the next step.

Robert Henshaw
Partner Industrial Design, Formation Design Group