One of NX’s Best (and Most Underutilized) Features: Command Finder

Ever find yourself knowing what you want to do in NX, but unable to find the feature to get you there? Or have you recently made a switch from a different CAD program and are struggling to locate the commands that you are used to? I would like to teach you about one of my personal favorite features in NX – command finder.

When I learned 3D design in college, we were trained on ProE. During my first internship, the company I worked for used NX 7.5. Going from ProE to NX was very easy because I was shown the command finder feature early on. I didn’t necessarily have to know where specific buttons were or what they were called, I could simply type a description of what I wanted to do and command finder would show me a list of relevant options. It also shows you where the command is located for future reference!

Command finder has always been relatively easy to find. However, I was recently given the opportunity to make the switch from NX 8.5 and try out NX 9. With the new layout, they have actually integrated the command finder into the top bar so that you no longer have to click a button to access it. You can type directly into the command finder located in the top-right corner of the menu (directly beneath the “X”). This added convenience has helped accelerate an already quick process of finding the commands I need for difficult parts, assemblies, and drawings that I come across.

Location of the command finder in NX9.

Location of the command finder in NX9.

Overall, command finder is one of the most powerful tools on NX. I hope that everyone knew about it before, but if you didn’t, hopefully it will assist you going forward!

-The Dream Team

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