NX9: 2D Synchronous Technology

NX9: 2D Synchronous Technology

One of the more powerful features added to NX9 was the expansion of synchronous technology to the 2D platform. Many, if not most, companies still rely on 2D sketches and constraints for a large portion of their design process. 2D synchronous allows users to move, offset move, resize or delete a curve while maintaining tangency constraints and connectivity. If there are conflicting constraints in a sketch, NX9 will remove these constraints and allow you to make the modifications you require. After you finish changing your sketch, NX9 will add constraints where required to the modified geometry. One place 2D synchronous technology can really come in handy is in situations where existing constraints and dimensions weren’t created to anticipate the change you want to make.

There are 4 types of 2D synchronous technology commands:

• Move Curve: This allows you to move a curve in several different ways. First, you can simply change the location of a curve; moving it left or right for example. Secondly, you can change the angle of a curve. For instance, if you originally had a horizontal constraint and now need to have a 45 degree angle, you can do that while having NX9 delete the constraint automatically for you. Finally, you can move a curve with a tangent constraint, and NX9 will move the tangent constraint along with you.

• Offset Move Curve: Similar to move curve, but this command will create a reference point to allow you to set the new curve a specific distance from its original position.

• Resize Curve: This command allows you to change the size of a radius or blend while simultaneously adjusting adjacent curves to accommodate the change.

• Delete Curve: Allows you to delete a curve in the sketch and forces adjacent curves to accommodate the change. For instance, if you delete a radius, the adjacent curves will create a corner where the radius was originally located.

Overall, the 2D synchronous technology is a powerful new addition to NX9 and it will help reduce time spent changing sketches between revisions.

-The Dream Team

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